July 2, 2022

Branch offers loans from ₦2,000 to ₦500,000. Loan terms range from 4 – 52 weeks. Interest ranges from 17% – 40% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1.5% – 20% and APR of 18% – 260%, depending on your loan option. There are no late or rollover fees and no collateral necessary. Interest rates are determined by a number of factors, including your repayment history and the cost of lending for Branch. 

Personal Cash Loans range from ₦2,000 to ₦500,000
Tenure: 62 days to 1 year. Monthly interest rates from 1.7% to 22% depending on the risk profile of the customer.
Example: If the personal loan amount is ₦9000 & interest is 24% per annum with tenure of 2 months, The interest for 2 months would come out to be ₦360. The EMI per month would be ₦4680. This would translate to a maximum APR of 24%. The total cost of the loan will be ₦9360. The total amount paid back including everything at the end of the term will be ₦9360.

👉 Loan Amounts: ₦2,000 to ₦500,000
👉 Repayment periods from 62 days to 1 year
👉 Monthly interest rates range from 1.7% to 22%
👉 APR from 20% to 265% per annum

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